Friday, April 12, 2019

Podcast 31 - Pope Benedict XVI and Sexual Abuse in the Church

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    What does Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI have to say about the scandal of sexual abuse that has rocked the Catholic Church?

    Pope Benedict XVI just published a 6,000-word essay on April 10, 2019, where he talks about the sexual abuse scandal in the Church and how it relates to the wider social context. He works to show us what event happened in the 1960s that has changed the culture of the world and the Church in unprecedented ways.

    This is a must read for everyone, Catholic or not. You can get the english version of Pope Benedict XVI's essay that the Catholic News Agency made available so you can read this very important piece of work.

    You should also listen to the Dr. Taylor Marshall Catholic Show podcast which will be coming out later today, April 11. Dr. Marshall and Tim Gordon will discuss the letter in depth and what it means for the Church and for all of us. 

    Patrick Madrid devoted the majority of his three-hour radio show on Relevant Radio Thursday morning to reading and talking about Pope Benedict's letter. You can listen to the archive of the show on Relevant Radio or by listening to the podcast of the show.

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