By the time a Catholic enters adulthood they are more likely, today than ever, to stop following their Catholic Faith. We must work together to turn this around. Parents have the most serious obligation to do everything in their power to ensure their children's physical, social, cultural, moral, and religious upbringing. 

Do you find it difficult to find time to teach your children the Faith? Is it hard to find the right way to teach your children the Faith? Do you want a friendly way to learn your Faith? Are you ready to take more responsibility to help the children and those you love prepare for eternal life in heaven? You've come to the right place and I'm here to help. This is All About My Catholic Faith. I will do my best to help you learn your Faith and inspire you to better share the Faith with those you love.

You can learn a little bit about my personal walk of faith by listening to this recording I did on a relaxing Sunday afternoon walk. 

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