Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Saint of the Day for October 24

St. Anthony Mary Claret

St. Anthony Mary Claret was born in Spain in 1807, which is the same year that Napoleon invaded Spain.  He was born into his family as the fifth of eleven children.  He became a priest after working in the trade of weaving, which was his father's occupation.  

St. Anthony preached many missions and retreats and was known for hearing confessions for many hours at a time.  Many people returned to the Catholic faith due to his gentle way that he preached and taught.  

He spent the years of 1849-1857 in Cuba as the Archbishop where he reformed that troubled diocese.  His life was often threatened due to his moral and social teaching conflicting with the Cuban government.  Because of the concern for his safety, he was brought back to Spain as the confessor to the queen.  He had the gift of prophesy and reading of consciences.  A light was often seen radiating from his face when he offered Holy Mass.

He founded the Missionary Sons of the Immaculate Heart, which is now known as the Claretians.  He also founded a Catholic publishing company in Spain, and went on to write and publish hundreds of books.  St. Anthony Mary Claret participated in the First Vatican Council.  

St. Anthony died in France in 1870 after suffering from a stroke.  

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